Marketing Automation Cluedit
Unmanageable amount of emails?

B2B and B2C communication with ease

Personalise all your communication channels, measure the success of your campaigns, no matter whether your target group is business partners or customers.
Simplify and make your marketing processes more efficient.

Use an automated platform to manage every detail of every campaign from one place, including, but not limited to email and social media marketing, mobile messaging and ad management.

Stay in touch with your customer without trouble

Automated customer journeys

Create customer journeys and communicate with your customers on multiple channels according to their behaviour and reactions to your marketing material.

Having trouble finding new clients?

Reach new customers effortlessly

Create and insert forms into your own or external websites, connecting your marketing communication system.

Direct your customers to your own landing pages and enrich customer journey with additional interactions, boosting new customer data to your system.

Connect Salesforce products with your social media platforms to store all incoming new customer data in one place.

Still sending out emails manually?

Optimise your marketing team's work

Let your marketing team develop by implementing marketing automation tools, such as Pardot or Marketing Cloud. Most of their work will no longer consist of sending out campaign emails, moving lists manually or making segmentations, but planning their automatic operations.